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Elia Kazan's

Baby Doll

Some of my early scripts from the MGM studio were given to me by Griffith Stern, the son of a forgotten failed genius in 1930's Hollywood named Seymour Stern.

I was asked by director Sydney Pollack to write a book covering his film career while he shot Electric Horseman in Vegas with Robert Redford. I had to turn him down when I heard that historian Seymour Stern died.

I knew if I didn't make a deal with the Stern family to take control of their fathers published and unpublished writing a mystery about D.W. Griffith was going to be lost forever. So I flew to Ottawa Canada to make a deal, but that's another story.

I also saved a piece of film history that no one ever knew Seymour was apart of when Carl Lammelle of Universal Pictures in 1927 offered him a job at the age of 24 to come out to Hollywood and be a director. Lucky I stopped his diaries and letters from being thrown out. He met and worked with some of the legends of Hollywood including friends with Sergei Eisenstein during the ill fated Mexican film. But that another story as well.

Near the end of his stay in Hollywood Irving Thalberg brought him to MGM as a script reader/doctor. He wrote a camera treatment for the Good Earth, China Seas, and Marie Antoinette among others I've been writing my book on him for over 30 years. After I save Film and TV history I'll try to save his life, and the father of American film, you know whats his name.

I spent a lot of time exploring all the floors and offices at Paramount Pictures during the time I worked for Dino De Laurentiis during his hey day in New York in the 1970's. There was one floor that was always dumping television scripts, so yes I rescued them from the trash.


Yes I Ruined "Querelle"


If you look on E-Bay this poster of "Querelle", is going for almost a thousand dollars. Those versions on line are paper/folded and not the foam board poster I have. The only wrong with mine is that the condition of the poster sucks. So what's it worth?

This German poster is from the 1982 film 'Querelle', which was the final film of German director Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Based on a story by Jean Genet, this film stars Brad Davis, Franco Nero and Jeanne Moreau.

The poster features artwork by Andy Warhol and was printed in very small quantities for the German premiere of the film. The same basic image was taken and reproduced in various forms. I was told that I have one of the German version.


Don't get excited this is not an original signed Andy Warhol print - it is an original(I think)1982 film poster that utilized Warhol artwork.Poster measures 23x33 inches and condition is a mess with lots of flaws. Get ready I have other related items to this movie. 220 West 71st Street NYC 10023