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The Golden Age of Television Exhibitions

The TVDAYS Collection can make up many exciting and unique themed exhibitions around the Golden Age of Television. These exhibitions could begin at the museums in Holland and eventually travel to other museums around the world. The restored films and commercials from the era will be the main feature, but all of my supportive materials: posters, toys, photographs, autographs, comics and more will enhance the visual appeal and historical significance. There will be many opportunities for dialogues, documentaries, books, DVDs around the exhibitions. Here are some of the possible exhibitions:

Exhibition # 1 Children’s TV Shows, Commercials and Toys


This exhibition would be the launch of the Kids Television Programming and related commercials section on TVDAYS. This includes: Kids Shows, Kids Commercials, Toys, Astronauts and Space, Guns, Dolls, Cereal, Candy and more.


Exhibition features and programming can include:


  • Special Showing of restored 16mm kinescopes of “live” kid shows:  Rootie Kazootie, Paul Winchell, and Pinkie Lee among others (see full list under “Stock Footage” on TVDAYS.com and attached list).


  • Special Showing of restored 16mm kinescopes of kids commercials (see full list under “Stock Footage” on TVDAYS.com and attached list).


  • Classic Toys & memorabilia on display -- Original toys matched with their original commercials: Betsy Wetsy, GI Joe, Fighter Jet Console by Ideal Toys, Jimmy Jet flight console by Deluxe Ready, Mr. Machine by Ideal Toys, Robert the Robot by Ideal, Lost in Space Robots, The Great Garloo Robot, Firebird 99 driving console by Remco, Space Tin Toys, 3D view master and various 3D slides, and other pop culture items. This would also include Rare Comic books, Teenage Magazines, Board Games, Life magazines, among other items.

  • Collector’s Editions of specialty DVDS & downloads with volumes of Classic Toys, Dolls, Candy, and Kid Commercials. 


  • Television Toy Stories Book- updating my original E-Book into a hard cover collector’s edition that tells the history of toys that changed the youth of America.


  • Saturday Morning Television – A new book to be completed on the history of children’s programming.


  • Students Can Create and Revise Books Based on Rare Materials and Research:                     


  • Rootie Kazootie Feature -- I own the remaining 16mm kinescopes of this lost live kid show from the 1950’s. All the copyrights and trademarks have lapsed. The original Rootie Kazootie puppets exist with a private collector. We can recreate an actual live kid’s show with the puppets and create a television special on kids programming from the Golden Age of TV.  


  • A Television Special & Documentaries -- I want to co-write and direct along with guest director, a series of programs related to toys and the way they shaped the thinking of boomers in the 1950s.  I have the support and interest of Emmy-nominated Director of Photography (Boardwalk Empire), Billy Coleman for this project.


  • Documentary 30 years of NY Toy Fair Footage --There over 50-100 hours of  video I personally filmed as well as footage from the networks or supplied by toy companies that could be used to create a documentary about Toy Fair and how toys and the toy industry has grown and evolved over three decades.


  • Astronauts, Science and Space Feature – Materials from my personal collection of autographs, letters, books, pamphlets, and photographs of astronauts along with related toys, commercials, Television shows and films from the era when Boomer children where obsessed with Sci-fi and Space and astronauts and scientists were regarded as true heroes. Feature includes “Boomer Astronauts and Space-Age TV Dreams” (see description below)

Television Toys