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February 16-19 2019


I've been working as Ira Gallen's producer over the last 20 years creating toy segments for ABC World News Now, CNN and Fox and Friends among others.


ASMUS Collectables

Learn about Hsing-Chi Hsu

& Hsin-ween Hsu and their

company ASMUS Collectibles

with Laura Duval Bird

The Stories of Dolls on Television

Sisters and their dolls, 1950s.jpg

Enjoy watching  some of the classic commercials of the 1950's and 60's that will be used in our up coming doll special and documentary.




Talking Toys with Todd McFarlane Part 1

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McFarlane  Official  Page

Post your McFarlane Toy Collections

Coming Soon

Travel with us through the mind and  of Todd McFarlane  and his creative staff. Plus lots of videos and stills to enjoy.

The Amazing World of Creator Mel Odom's

Gene Marshall Hollywood Movie Star Doll

The Mel Odom Gene Doll Line for 1999 at The Annual Toy New York Toy Fair, Javits Center

Mel Odom

Official Site

Post Your Gene Doll Collections.

Coming Soon

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More behind the scenes  with Mel & Gene

The Wonderful World of Mattel Toys Past & Present

For My Mattel Eyes Only - A rare private look at the 2001

Toy Odyssey you experience as  the Mattel Toy company

presents their latest Barbie and Toy line at The New York Toy Fair.

mattel logo.png

Mattel Official

 Story of Mattel Toys Series

Where slowly restoring the tapes over the last 30 years at the Mattel Showroom. Watch More Now


Post your Barbie and Mattel Toy Collection

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with Laura Bird 2001

Beatrice   Alexander, who as  Madame Ale

The Story of Madame Alexander 

as explored by Laura Duval Bird

madame alexander.jpg

Beatrice Alexander, known as Madame Alexander, created the world's most successful dolls, until Barbie came along. Hers is a remarkable American rags to riches story, especially for a woman in 1923.

She honed her craft in New York, designing and sewing low-end cloth dolls. But she saw a market in a untapped higher-end collector market.


Styling herself as "Madame Alexander," which would became her iconic trade mark and the name for her dolls, Alexander went on to create dolls replicating famous personalities and characters in books, films, music, and art.


Among her notable creations were dolls replicating the Dionne quintuplets, Scarlett O'Hara, and the royal family and attendees at the 1953 coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

   Three Little Pigs  Dolls, ca. 1939

Beautifully dressed up dolls are great play toys for your kids. In this video, Doll Expert Laura Bird tells us the history behind Madame Alexander dolls for Pottery Barn Kids.

Madame Alexander Doll Designer Timothy J Alberts talks about his latest line of creations at the 2001 New York Toy Fair at the Javits Center with Laura Duval Bird


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