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 A series created  by Ira H. Gallen

TVTOYS.TOYS  a series created by Ira H. Gallen

This proposal and the video stories I've laid out below are examples of how I would start creating dozens of unique   television specials and documentaries making use of my extensive library of  rare and in most cases one of a kind Classic Television Shows, Films and especially Commercials that haven't been seen since they first aired during The Golden Age of 1950's Television. 


There's an amazing and most exciting untold story yet to be explained and enjoyed again by 72 million of my remaining aging baby boomers who underwent a vast transformation with me, and that's when television was entering the homes of over 50 million Americans on a daily basis, creating the first TV generation.



ABC’s Nightline with Cokie Roberts

Toys Are Big Business with Ira Gallen

in 1994

The Incredible

Life of Boomers


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Space Age Toy Adventures


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And, yes I was one of those Boomers in the 1950's to be dazzled and delighted (just like my parents) by those tempting cookies, candies, cereal, cigarettes, beer, soft drinks, cars, hair products and toy ads.

Toy Guns in Boomer America


Military Toy Stories


The Wonderful World

of Doll Collecting with Laura Bird


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Kid TV17.jpg

Everything we would eat, wear, and use in everyday life was up front and personal, and presented to us on television. How could we possibly get through life without these items?

 Saturday Morning TV


 Toy Commercials




Order Limited Edition Television Commercials and TV Shows to be downloaded


Ira Toys-14.jpg

The stories in this series is based on my Nostalgia E-Books

Help me document all those pioneering directors,writers, technicians, actors, ad agencies, animators and other talent that created that era known as The Golden Age of Television, when there is not a museum or library in the world that houses that information. So I need your help to do it.

Network Toy Segments


 N.Y. Toy Fair Archives


Ira Gallen's Toy Segments on CNN, ABC's World News Now, Fox and Friends & others in the 90s.   Ira H. Gallen 220 West 71st Street New York City 10023 

(917) 406 4290

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